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Hi! I am Christian.

Professional Tutorials

Take control of your own learning with my professional articles about making software. Learn techniques, design patterns, integrations, and much more.

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Learn to build your own e-Commerce platform based on multiple microservices with different technologies using clean architecture.

Self Hosting Library

Are you in the market for hosting everything yourself? It’s awesome to host stuff yourself and you got full control of your data. I have made a full DevOps library with composing files for creating your own hosting environment with Docker, Portainer, and Traefik.

.NET Tutorials

Learn to develop software using Python and .NET through my in-depth tutorials available on the blog. With .NET you can create any kind of application including everything from mobile, desktop, and web applications without having to switch the language. That’s awesome!

  • Getting started with C# and .NET
  • Working with databases using EF Core
  • Creating professional web APIs
  • Integrating identity into your applications
  • Tips and tricks for .NET
  • A monthly roundup of .NET

Cloud Development

Get started with Cloud Development in Azure, AWS, and GCP. The cloud is the future and so are you. Get ready to take on new cloud skills and elevate your career to the next level.